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Thank you for visiting Slate Stone Art’s new (dot net) website created with the popular WordPress system and placed on the web on September 16, 2014.

Slate Stone Art’s artistic heritage (dot ca) website, created with Microsoft Front Page, and first published in the year 2000, is kept current and may be visited at http://www.slatestoneart.ca.

Slate Stone Art is truly “Canadian” specific to British Columbia’s beautiful Columbia Valley, created by myself, Elaine Sell Prefontaine, on local Purcell Mountain Slate Stone.

Slate Stone Art is a timeless medium. These Engravings and Relief Sculptures on slate stone will endure for centuries.   Purcell Mountain Slate Stone was formed  approximately 1,500 million years ago in the pre-Cambrian age.

Since I work with each piece of “hand picked” slate stone to  individually bring out that “special creature” waiting there, each creation is uniquely “one-of-a-kind”.  Pieces have now traveled to their new homes in ten countries.

Bison 21, Trimmed, IMG 149-4985

BIG HORN SHEEP,  EAGLES,  ELK,  MOOSE  and  MOUNTAIN LIONS have “Nature Notes” sections presenting my own personal experiences, encounters and research.

Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Bison and Great Blue Herons have special sections on their TOTEMS, SIGNS  and LORE.

 The magnificent Columbia Valley inspires me to create a wide variety of subjects including my favorite mythological friend  KOKOPELLI“, – The Bringer of Joy and Inspiration” as well as my interpretive creations of his female counterpart   Kokopelli Mana, endearingly called KOKOMANA.

Kokopelli Welcome 190 Ranier, Trimme, IMG_0728

The “POETRY Corner”,  “Poetry of Love”  and “Prairie Days Poetry”  share my own work and “Montana  Sings” presents Cowboy Songs & Poetry by both my late Father and Brother.

Fairmont Valley 20140101 Trimmed, 2.5MB, IMG_8380

Being a long time shutter-bug l love capturing natures wonders on Canon and sharing these images on my PHOTOGRAPHY Galleries of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

ESP - Sask Fields Shadows and Light, 2012 10 02, 2.1MB, IMG_1144

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Thank you for visiting my on-line studio which is a continuous work in progress

“Ever changing, like time and seasons changing me”

Webster’s Dictionary Definitions:
Petroglyph  n:  a carving or an inscription on a rock, a rock carving especially a prehistoric one.
Pictograph  n:  an ancient or prehistoric drawing or painting on a rock wall.

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