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Kokopelli Mana, (“KokoMana”), portrays the feminine aspect, the female counterpart of Kokopelli, and although extremely little is known of her in reality, I would like to introduce my creation of her. I have been working on the concept of creating KokoMana  for some time now, and since a majority of the Kokopelli legends seem to originate with the Hopi,  my first KokoMana  creation wore the traditional Hopi hair do. Later I came up with the idea of using feathers for her head-dress as it seemed more mythological and compatible with Kokopelli’s  “out-of-this-worldly” appearance.  I call them “Spirit Feathers”. She has one less feather in her head-dress than Kokopelli…..sort of the missing rib principle.   This beautiful missing feather which she holds upright in her hand represents  life, love and spirit.  As does woman, she holds life in her hands.  I now sometimes  also create her holding one in each hand.

“Her feathered head-dress is always changing, A woman’s prerogative for re-arranging”

I picture her wearing a soft doe-skin dress in colors complementing  Kokopelli’s attire.  One can visualize KokoMana’s captivating appearance in the distance, standing there upon the cliff above the deep canyon gorge, holding high the beautiful and special love offering of “The Spirit Feather”. Kokopelli commences playing instantly inspired  “Spirit Feather Songs” across the canyon to his lovely KokoMana.  The uplifting sounds vibrate and echo off the canyon walls and Kokopelli and KokoMana begin to dance and sway to the music….

“His creative songs of the Universe Bring them together As they perform the Ancient Love Dance Of the Spirit Feather”

I hope you enjoy my KokoMana.   Her creation has been a joyous journey!

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


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