Poetry of Love

Written by Elaine Sell Prefontaine



He loves this self
And I bathe in the sunshine
Of his awareness.
His presence
Guards me well
But I’ve flown so long
I fear this thing
And hedge its touching
Lest it stilt
My wings
And the grounding
Stifle us both.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


You are my sun
And my summers lake
And my glorious love
Because you gave it to me
Last summer.

Now I shall see your face
In summer campfires
And feel your presence
In those same places
We both loved
Even when you are gone.

My mind is so full of you
This afternoon
That I just want to be
Tanned and brown
And water wet
With you.

 Elaine Sell Prefontaine


Love me in the spring
And I shall plant flowers
For you.
Love me in the summer
And we will watch them blossom.
Love me in the fall
As I shall gather them
For beautiful bouquets,
And in the winter
I shall dream of them
With you.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


Fields catch the gold of the sun
And autumn leaves
Steal colors from the sunset.
Even waters
Lose their blueness.
We both
Have left our summer behind
Gone to the skies
That took you from me.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I see you in sunsets
And at night
Your face haunts the darkness
Dreams overcome me
The past becomes now
And you are mine again
Till the bright morning sun
Chases my dreams away.

 Elaine Sell Prefontaine


This Poem was influenced by, and written to the meter of, John Masefield’s “Sea Fever”

I shall go down to the mall today
To the crowded street and the sky
And all I want is my own bench
And the sun to see me by
And a good book, and your soft look
In my mind so that I might write
And a cool breeze in the greening trees
To fill my own delight
And if perchance your face I glance
It shall be so much more to my pleasure
But if I don’t, don’t think I won’t
The next time more to treasure

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


It’s not a birthday without you
So I’ll celebrate it tomorrow
And whether you know it or not
That will be my real day.
You will be my present
And when I meet you
My eyes will wrap you in love
And I’ll be happier with having you
Than all the kings ransom.

 Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I want to look at the world again
But this time through your eyes
And hear natures sounds again
As He looks down through loves eyes

I wish to be that child again
I was so long ago
And frolic in the woods again
Holding your hand as I go

I want to open my ears so wide
That I hear the silent sound
Of the whole world speaking to me
Although there is not a sound around

I want to be free in the wilds again
And together by His grace
We’ll both be free of the world’s toils again
And of the common place.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I look into your beautiful eyes
And I see infinity.
I love your eyes
That love me,
And in them
I see sunsets
And my Gods
And a glimpse of heaven,
And our love that echoes in them.
I see freedom
And a bondage
They’ve silently sworn me to.
I see yesterdays
And tomorrows.
I see a forever
I ‘m sometimes in.
I see your eyes
Under this pencil
As I write on them
And they are
As real in my mind
As when I’ll look into them
As I give you this.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I went to the park last night
And as the wind
Whipped around the long skirt
I wore with you there
I found our place.
A man was lying
On the grass,
A trespasser to our love,
And I wanted
To ask him to go away.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I remember
So many things of us
Things that remain as alive
As if they happened now.
I remember so much
So many things
And times
And feeling we shared
And share
Proof we are each others.

As long as I have eyes to see
I promise
They will look at you with love
And if one of us goes
Or is away from the other
The sky will become our eyes
And we will look there
And see each other
And the wind will become our touch
And the rain our tears
And the sun our glories.
As the world is everything
You are my world
And it is you.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


Thoughts are little else but you
There is little else without ’tis true

Your gift of love makes
Clearer the light
Colors more bright
More beautiful the sight

It seems I see with the vision of two
For now my love I share it  with you

Magnified in intensity, a brand new world
This imagination soars, thoughts unfurled

These steps so light on gossamer clouds
No purgatory, no hell, no darkened shrouds

Even paint jumps from tube to palette knife
To give virgin canvas inspired life.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


Oh my beloved
How do I think on thee?
I think on thee
As no man has ever uttered.

I think on thee
In such a chaste, pure fashion
That even my penned words
Appear gross in their sight.

I love thee in a most perfect way
In the truest flowing of reality
As the sun rises and the moon wanes pale
Then into darkness, and a sudden light.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I dwell on our next time together
And how we’ll quietly hold each other to tether
The unquiet that plagues us when we are apart
To rationalize our thoughts, our matters of the heart

And oh to kiss your eyelids to close
The rest of the world away
And lock you in love’s arms repose
‘Ere these souls dismiss our bodies’ clay

To lie with you upon the ground
Until are bodies are in it
And have our joy of this love resound
And stuff full each living minute.

Oh that shall be a glorious day
My most dearest, my most precious friend
To share our breath, our books, our words
Sans time, sans else, sans end

Elaine Sell Prefontaine


Without a look back
We separated
At the terminal
But you stayed with me
On the drive back to town
And are still with me
Under these fluorescent office lights
As this pen follows itself
Onto my unspoken thoughts
Of you.

                                    Elaine Sell Prefontaine


I set my life on dreams
And dreams were all I found
I set my life on visions
And they surrounded me
I set my life on love
And it gave me strength
I set my life on words
And I found myself.

Elaine Sell Prefontaine

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