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Tatanka is the Sioux word for Buffalo

Engraving, Relief Sculpture and Oil on Purcell Mountain Slate Stone
Size 7-1/2" x 13" x 1/2" thick. Bison 20. IMG 147-4788
Artist: Elaine Sell Prefontaine



If the bison appears often in your life at this time,  it may be your own personal animal totem.

The bison totem indicates that due to your own right actions and prayer, abundance is being manifested in some important aspects of your life. The laws of synchronicity are operating in your life, and all things are as they should be.

With the laws of synchronicity working for you, it is not necessary to push or force your way to achieve your goals and reach your destination.   Do what is right and feels right and take the smoothest path.  This means to do the work which needs to be done, and let events take their course —“to go with the flow”.

The bison totem teaches us to stay grounded and work with our natural rhythms.

The bison humps are symbols of stored reserves of energies which may be tapped.  The humps on the bison are at shoulder level and indicate that we should “shoulder our own load” — use our own efforts to reap the benefits.  The huge head reminds us to “use our head” while still connecting with our own higher divine powers.

The bison totem indicates opportunities for abundance in areas of our lives, providing we pray, appreciate what we have — “count our blessings”,  and honor those persons who have helped us in life.

As has been handed down through oral and written history, the bison totem is an especially practical totem which man has understood and related to since his first association with this truly exemplary creature

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