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EYE CONTACT - Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lion 12
Oil on Purcell Mountain Slate Stone
Size 14" x 11-3/4" x 1/2" thick.
Artist: Elaine Sell Prefontaine




MOUNTAIN LIONS, COUGAR (felis concolor):

This most beautiful of wild cats lives here in the East Kootenay area of Southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

Although it’s main game is whitetail deer it is said that one third of its diet consists of the prickly backed porcupine.  To kill the porcupine the mountain lion flips it over onto its back exposing its vulnerable belly.  It is interesting to note that the mountain lion is one of the very few animals able to kill the porcupine without injuring itself on the barbed quills.


I will never forget my first sighting of this beautiful elusive creature and exactly where it was!  It was on kilometer 18 of the Deer Creek road in the Findlay Creek Area of the Purcell Mountains.

I was slowly driving up the narrow winding gravel road which is surrounded by tall pine trees when suddenly there it was…..a golden vision leaping across the road in front of me, then disappearing as quickly as it had appeared leaving a beautiful indelible memory.

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